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About us

Collectiveli is an online retailer specialising in Korean skincare, offering a wide selection of products to over 140 countries. We started because we believe that your shopping experience shouldn’t be about the latest product launch or trends, but about finding what works with your skin and lifestyle.

why we started…

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 Your skin is the largest organ in your body and maintaining it is essential to prevent infections and diseases.
We need skincare to maintain the health, appearance and feel of our skin.

That said, we have an abundance of choice and picking the right skincare can be tough.
Pick the wrong product and your skin will worsen, pick the right one and you’ll never look back.

Our goal is to make sure you only buy and try the products you truly love,
that they fit with your values and lifestyle,
and improve the overall health and appearance your skin.

Well, because great skin is not only a sign of health
but will truly make you look and feel confident,
empowered and relaxed, every single day.

Why Korean Skincare?


Over the past few years, Korean skincare has been getting a lot of attention for the “10-step Korean Skincare Routine”.

But, we have to be frank, Collectiveli doesn’t believe in a one-size-fits-all “10-step” regime, we believe in understanding your skin and lifestyle, knowing what skin concern you want to treat, and finding the right solution - whether that’s 3 steps or 10 steps, a lifestyle change or a diet change.

Everyone is different, every skin is different, every routine is different.

Collectiveli specialises in Korean skincare, because of its philosophy, quality, innovation and price.



It’s estimated that Korean skincare technology is typically about 10 to 12 years ahead of the U.S. making Korea the epicentre of innovation. From ancient herbal ingredients to yeast ferment and snail slime, Korean skincare is not afraid to research the unknown for the benefits of your skin.



While makeup and cosmetic surgeries can make you temporarily look flawless, Korean skincare puts a focus on preventing skin concerns rather than a quick fix of already damaged skin. With both girls and boys starting their regime at an early age, their maintained youthful appearance well into their 40s and 50s says it all.



With high consumer demand for skincare, companies are forced to produce high-quality products at a low price, or else they’ll be out of business soon enough. This makes Korean skincare not only accessible to many but also guar- antees that no product touching your face is made without supported research to benefit your skin.



While skincare can improve your skin drastically, it’s not without looking at your lifestyle that the results will be sustainable. A good nights sleep, a healthy diet and stress levels will all impact the quality of your skin, and the Kore- ans know it.

 We believe in an open minded, transparent platform,

that provides informational and inspirational content,

to an authentic and inclusive community.